LiquidText, named by Apple, “most innovative iPad app of the year,” is a unified reading, note taking and document analysis platform.  Unlike other applications in the space which simply provide convenient paper alternatives, Liquidtext users experience unprecedented improvements in productivity, research transparency and manageability.

Liquidtext evolved from: 4 years of research, two peer reviewed papers, and a PhD by its founder Craig Tashman, into how people read and take notes.  Key to the research was understanding the limitations imposed by physical Books and Paper and the opportunities created by modern Touch and Inking technologies in todays’ ubiquitous Mobile and Desktop Devices.

Traditional research workflows involve using multiple fragmented and often generic tools:

    • Gathering and organizing documents with a document manager

    • Reading and annotating using a document reader

    • Copying and outlining thoughts using a note taker

    • Collaborating with colleagues through various means

    • Gathering, reorganizing and drafting for distribution

By unifying reading and note taking into a single workspace, LiquidText makes gathering notes and excerpts incredibly frictionless; researchers do it naturally as they read. 

The researchers’ ideas, observations and insights are visually linked with source materials and other related notes.  As such, collaborators and reviewers see not only results, but the network of interrelated sources and notes which support the authors’ conclusions with unprecedented transparency and clarity.

[need illustration of an lt workspace showing unified relationship between sources and notes]