Whether in contract drafting or review, trial prep or discovery, LiquidText helps you make connections others miss. We make it easy to connect facts across numerous sources and weave them into a coherent narrative without ever losing sight of the original context.

And when fractions of a second count, LiquidText gives you the efficient, intuitive tools to find those facts in real time. This is why Law 360 said, “the world changed with LiquidText.”



Advocacy with LiquidText

Roger Harper, Lawyer (Barrister)

Roger is a lawyer (barrister) who focuses on family and financial cases. He uses LiquidText to take a collection of evidence documents, summarize them, digest them, and prepare a mind map to take to the trial. But during a trial, Roger needs to get to documents as fast as possible, and here LiquidText shined: “I can get to documents probably faster than the people using paper.”

Roger navigates so quickly using LiquidText’s InkLinks; when he first reads the documents, he draws InkLink lines of different colors to create connections within and between documents.

The impact for him is, “being able to find a particular page and cross reference it to the other relevant docs faster than people using paper is a competitive advantage.”.

I can get to documents probably faster than the people using paper
— Roger Harper, Lawyer


Faster meeting prep with LiquidText

S.B., Attorney

SB is an in-house attorney specializing in bankruptcy, and general corporate law. He uses LiquidText to review and take notes on documents in preparation for meetings.

But SB works with long documents where a small handful of critical points are hidden in a mountain of irrelevant content. SB needs to separate and organize the important information out so he can find it quickly at meetings.

For this, he uses two strategies. First, using LiquidText’s excerpts, he gathers the most essential parts of his documents together, organizes them, and combines them with his own comments in the LiquidText workspace. Second, he uses HighlightView to see the most important parts of his documents together, with context.

He concludes that LiquidText “helps me to concentrate on the essential, relevant parts of documents… So I'm faster with that, and at the same time, I think I can work more thoroughly because I don't miss parts.”

LiquidText helps me to concentrate on the essential, relevant parts of documents.
— S.B., Attorney


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