LiquidText in use


LiquidText is used by a diverse range of people for many different applications. From students to laywers, anyone involved in the active reading of text can benefit from LiquidText’s full range of powerful tools.


Students and academics

Study faster, connect ideas across sources, write more insightful reports, and take more meaningful notes with LiquidText.


Whether you’re studying for a test or writing a journal article, LiquidText saves you time. It helps you gather and focus on the most important information, connect it to its context, and extend it with your own ideas.

With LiquidText, all the knowledge in all your books and papers is suddenly freed so you can arrange it according to your needs but without ever losing the original context.



Understanding the latest research with LiquidText

Eoin Mac Réamoinn, Oxford University

Eoin is a biomedical researcher at Oxford, he uses LiquidText to read and review the latest academic papers in his field. This kind of review meant commenting and annotating, and for Eoin, that used to mean lots of print outs, and lots of wasted paper.

LiquidText changed that; the workspace gave him “an endless space to write notes but in an organized way,” that he can then link to the document text using an InkLink.

The result is better than paper: “It has allowed me to do the things I did before, but much better. It has made an improvement… I love that I can have my notes side by side with the original document. It’s not cluttered.”

As a scientist, LiquidText allows me to use the iPad to its full potential.
— Eoin Mac Réamoinn, Biomedical Researcher


Achieving a dream with help from LiquidText

Carl Webb, mental health nurse

After years of study, Carl just graduated with his degree as a mental health nurse; he used LiquidText for the research to write essays for his nursing classes. The essays had to consider many interrelated perspectives on a topic, from government reports, to academic papers.

Carl’s workflow was tedious, highlighting PDFs one at a time and looking for connections.

LiquidText changed that, let Carl open all the documents he needed, and pull related bits together from completely different documents in the workspace, along with his own thoughts. Carl says LiquidText saved him time, but more, “it gave me a chance to better analyze the information I was looking for.”

LiquidText gave me a chance to better analyze the information I was looking for
— Carl Webb, Mental Health Nurse


LiquidText in academics user videos


The Paperless Student


More educators showing how they use LiquidText


Legal professionals

LiquidText helps you discover the story behind the facts, connect ideas across sources, review documents faster, find facts effortlessly, and take notes that stay useful over time.


Health Care

Use LiquidText to compare and integrate research studies, take notes you can apply, find facts effortlessly, and bring research to the clinic.


With numerous studies addressing even the narrowest topics, applying the latest research in clinic can be daunting. LiquidText can help shrink that gap by giving you a faster, simpler way to integrate the essential elements of different research papers and consider them together, without losing their original contexts.

LiquidText is designed to help you see more connections in the literature, and develop conclusions faster.



Saving lives with help from LiquidText

Eric Goldberg, MD, FACP, Clinical Ass’t Prof., Internal Medicine Associates, NYU Langone Med. Center

Eric is a clinical ass’t professor and practicing physician. He uses LiquidText to review the latest research papers so he can apply the findings and recommendations in-clinic with his patients. A single medical topic can have numerous relevant articles and and web sources, each with their own findings and recommendations. This used to mean multiple apps, notebooks and physical paper printouts.

LiquidText lets Eric change that. LiquidText combines a document view with a workspace, letting Eric bring all his research together into one place, but without losing the original document context. It even lets him make connections across documents.

I feel much more engaged in reading a document in LiquidText than I ever did with any other PDF reader or even actual paper!
— Eric Goldberg, MD


Engineering & Risk Management

LiquidText provides faster ways to learn, lets you take notes that stay useful over time, connect ideas across sources, and excerpt and create summary guides to complex documents with back links to the detail.


If you work with complex systems, LiquidText can save you time. First, we help you stay at the cutting edge of your field with tools to support efficient learning and connected, meaningful notes that never lose their context.

Second,  whether you’re building a system or analyzing a failure, we help you navigate and connect interrelated spec sheets, process documents, and QA reports to gather and correlate the facts you need.



Making the world safer with help from LiquidText

S.W., Systems Safety Engineer

S.W. is a systems safety engineer, and uses LiquidText to figure out why complex systems in aviation and healthcare fail so he can recommend ways to make them safer for people. S.W. gathers and connects facts from many different sources to find the origin of a failure.

However, S.W. had a problem: most of the software for this are PC apps with poor UIs. With LiquidText, he said, “The tech doesn’t get in the way of the task. Being able to see two places at once, is great, but being able to connect things in the workspace is brilliant.” Now S.W. has released YouTube videos teaching this type of analysis using LiquidText.

There is no other thing like LiquidText, it’s intuitive, it’s easy to use, it’s really helpful, really useful.
— S.W., Systems Safety Engineer


Business consulting

LiquidText helps you distill knowledge to its core, take notes that stay useful over time, and connect ideas across sources.


Whether in accounting or improving business processes, LiquidText helps consultants communicate more clearly with clients. LiquidText helps you distill the vast bodies of relevant knowledge down to the essential, and

organize it into the form your project requires—all without ever losing the original sources and context your client expects.



Helping clients understand more with LiquidText

John Hanacek, Design and business consultant

John is a design and business consultant, he uses LiquidText to gather information on a topic, distill it down, and present “the meat” to his clients. He finds that seemingly unrelated ideas are often related—from physics to biology to design. So he needs a tool that’s flexible, and doesn’t force him to decide in advance how his varied, unstructured research should be organized.

LiquidText provides this flexibility, from its unstructured workspace to its freehand excerpts, it does not “tell him what to do with content.” LiquidText lets John read deeper and communicate faster, “I’m getting more depth out of [my research], and I’m able to more quickly communicate that depth.”

The comprehension of the document goes up…I’m, doing things that would’ve taken me 100 pieces of paper before.
— John Hanacek, Design and business consultant