If you work with complex systems, LiquidText can save you time. First, we help you stay at the cutting edge of your field with tools to support efficient learning and connected, meaningful notes that never lose their context.

Second,  whether you’re building a system or analyzing a failure, we help you navigate and connect interrelated spec sheets, process documents, and QA reports to gather and correlate the facts you need.



Making the world safer with help from LiquidText

S.W., Systems Safety Engineer

S.W. is a systems safety engineer, and uses LiquidText to figure out why complex systems in aviation and healthcare fail so he can recommend ways to make them safer for people. S.W. gathers and connects facts from many different sources to find the origin of a failure.

However, S.W. had a problem: most of the software for this are PC apps with poor UIs. With LiquidText, he said, “The tech doesn’t get in the way of the task. Being able to see two places at once, is great, but being able to connect things in the workspace is brilliant.” Now S.W. has released YouTube videos teaching this type of analysis using LiquidText.

There is no other thing like LiquidText, it’s intuitive, it’s easy to use, it’s really helpful, really useful.
— S.W., Systems Safety Engineer

Engineering user survey

LiquidText surveys both its quality and usefulness. The results below were collected in Fall 2019 over a base of 150,000 monthly active users for users in Engineering Professions

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