Whether you’re studying for a test or writing a journal article, LiquidText saves you time. It helps you gather and focus on the most important information, connect it to its context, and extend it with your own ideas.

With LiquidText, all the knowledge in all your books and papers is suddenly freed so you can arrange it according to your needs but without ever losing the original context.



Understanding the latest research with LiquidText

Eoin Mac Réamoinn, Oxford University

Eoin is a biomedical researcher at Oxford, he uses LiquidText to read and review the latest academic papers in his field. This kind of review meant commenting and annotating, and for Eoin, that used to mean lots of print outs, and lots of wasted paper.

LiquidText changed that; the workspace gave him “an endless space to write notes but in an organized way,” that he can then link to the document text using an InkLink.

The result is better than paper: “It has allowed me to do the things I did before, but much better. It has made an improvement… I love that I can have my notes side by side with the original document. It’s not cluttered.”

As a scientist, LiquidText allows me to use the iPad to its full potential.
— Eoin Mac Réamoinn, Biomedical Researcher


Achieving a dream with help from LiquidText

Carl Webb, mental health nurse

After years of study, Carl just graduated with his degree as a mental health nurse; he used LiquidText for the research to write essays for his nursing classes. The essays had to consider many interrelated perspectives on a topic, from government reports, to academic papers.

Carl’s workflow was tedious, highlighting PDFs one at a time and looking for connections.

LiquidText changed that, let Carl open all the documents he needed, and pull related bits together from completely different documents in the workspace, along with his own thoughts. Carl says LiquidText saved him time, but more, “it gave me a chance to better analyze the information I was looking for.”

LiquidText gave me a chance to better analyze the information I was looking for
— Carl Webb, Mental Health Nurse


LiquidText in academics user videos


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Academic user survey

LiquidText conducts user surveys measuring both its quality and usefulness. The results below were collected in Fall 2019 over a base of 150,000 monthly active users for users in Academic Professions

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