Whether in accounting or improving business processes, LiquidText helps consultants communicate more clearly with clients. LiquidText helps you distill the vast bodies of relevant knowledge down to the essential, and

organize it into the form your project requires—all without ever losing the original sources and context your client expects.



Helping clients understand more with LiquidText

John Hanacek, Design and business consultant

John is a design and business consultant, he uses LiquidText to gather information on a topic, distill it down, and present “the meat” to his clients. He finds that seemingly unrelated ideas are often related—from physics to biology to design. So he needs a tool that’s flexible, and doesn’t force him to decide in advance how his varied, unstructured research should be organized.

LiquidText provides this flexibility, from its unstructured workspace to its freehand excerpts, it does not “tell him what to do with content.” LiquidText lets John read deeper and communicate faster, “I’m getting more depth out of [my research], and I’m able to more quickly communicate that depth.”

The comprehension of the document goes up…I’m, doing things that would’ve taken me 100 pieces of paper before.
— John Hanacek, Design and business consultant