About LiquidText


LiquidText was developed on a foundation of research and innovation. While earning his Ph.D., founder Craig Tashman explored ways to improve reading on digital devices. He created a multi-touch system based on published research, testing, and user validation with the goal of supporting deep, critical reading. The result includes an interactive feature set that allows users to freely and precisely control the reading experience. What were once complex functions, such as comparing pages and organizing notes, are now natural and effortless.


Meet the LiquidText team


craig tashman

CEO, leads iOS development and UX design. PhD from Georgia Tech.


Cristiano Ghersi

CTO, leads back end development. PhD, serial entrepreneur.


Stephen Dukker

Co-founder, Investor and Advisor. Stephen counsels Craig on business matters and is responsible for LiquidText Revenue and Growth.


Dalas Verdugo

Leads customer relations. Experienced startup community builder.


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